Mistake Happens

Senin, 21 Januari 2019, 07:46 WIB

Azmi Syahputra/Dok

LIFE is a place of mistake and problem.

You and i cannot escape from mistake,
running away from the problem.
Both are accompanying the journey and struggle of life.

If there is mistake and come problems ...
Face it!
Without grumbling,
Without despair.
Move patience,
Build confidence,
Rely yourself,
Ask for His help
In order to live calmly back to the spacious road.
Making mistake is humane ...
But keep mistake is wrong.
When mistake happens, fix it right away,
When you make mistake you rushes to fix yourself.
Avoid being selfish.
Because it is a sign that there is still something wrong inside you, and problems will come because of it.

Problem is a challenge ...
But despairing for the problem is mistake.
Giving up is mistake.
Then teach your heart to be strong when it is tested,
Stay strong to achieve victory: pass the test of life. [***]

Azmi Syahputra

Penerjemah: Ita D Awan.

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